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Top 10 Apps For Weight Loss

10 Weight Loss App
Written by Reeta Shah

Weight loss apps are programs you can download to your mobile device, allowing easy and quick ways to track your lifestyle habits such as calorie intake and exercise. some apps have extra features, such as forums, a barcode scanner, and the ability to sync with other health and fitness apps or devices. These features aim to keep to motivated toward your weight loss goal, 10 Weight Loss App.

Not only are weight loss apps easy to use and benefits are supported by scientific evidence. Many modern apps also provide specific support for people. Who follow keto, paleo, and vegan diets, Here are the top 10 of the best weight loss apps available in 2021, that can help shed unwanted pounds.

Lose It.

10 Weight Loss App, lose it app download apk
Lose It is a user-friendly weight loss app focused on calorie counting and weight tracking. through an analysis of your weight, age, and health goals, Lose It generates your daily calorie needs in a personalized weight loss plan additionally you can use the app’s barcode scanner to add some foods to your log. It saves food that you enter frequently. So you can quickly select them from a list, whenever you eat them. You’ll also get reports of daily and weekly calorie intake. If you use the app to keep track of your weight. It will present your weight changes on a graph. one feature that makes lose it.

Different from many other weight loss apps is that it has a snap it features. Which allows you to track your food intake and portion sizes simply by taking pictures of your meals. The app is free to download. You can access premium features for $9.99, or sign up for a year for $39.99.


Myfitnesspal app download apk
Calorie counting can help many people lose weight. MyFitnessPal is a popular app that integrates calorie counting into its strategy supporting weight loss. MyFitnessPal calculates your daily calorie needs and allows you to log what you eat throughout the day from the Nutrition database of over 11 million different foods. This even includes many restaurant foods that aren’t always easy to track.

After you enter your food intake. MyFitnessPal provides a breakdown of the calories and nutrients that you consume throughout the day. The app can generate a few different reports including a pie chart that gives you an overview of your total fat carbohydrate and protein consumption. You can also track your weight and search for healthy recipes with MyFitnessPal, The app is free to download. You can access the premium features for $9.99 or signup for a year for $49.99.


Fitbit Official Site for Activity Trackers & More
One potential way to shed pounds is by keeping track of your exercise habits with a wearable activity tracker. Fitbit is a wearable device that measures your activity level throughout the day. They’re an excellent resource to help you track physical activity. The Fitbit record the number of steps taken miles walked and stairs the Fitbit also measures your heart rate.

Fitbit also has strong community features. The app allows you to connect with your friends and family who use Fitbit. You can participate in various challenges with them and share your progress,  If you choose the Fitbit app also allows you to log your food so you can stay within your calorie range and your water intake so that you can stay hydrated. To get the most out of this app, you’ll need to own a Fitbit which can be costly. The app itself is free and it offers in-app purchases such as monthly $9.99 or a yearly $79.99 subscription.


noom app
Noom is a popular weight loss app that helps users lose weight by making sustainable lifestyle changes. Noom signs a daily calorie budget based on answers to a certain lifestyle and health-related questions as well as your current weight, height, sex, and weight loss goals. The Noom app allows users to track food intake using a database. That includes over 3.5 million foods.

The app also allows new users to log weight exercise and other important indicators of health like blood sugar levels. Noom also offers virtual health coaching during working hours and teaches users helpful tools like mindful eating practices and offers motivational reading and quizzes that are meant to be completed on a daily basis. These tools are meant to encourage a healthier relationship with food and activity. No costs are $59 for the monthly reoccurring plan and $199 for the yearly reoccurring plan.

Fat Secret

Fat Secret app download apk
Having a support system may be helpful for weight management. Fat secret focuses on providing its users with that support. The app allows you to log your food intake. Monitor your weight and interact with other people through its community chat features, Not only are you able to chat with other users but you can also join groups to connect with people who have similar goals.

In a 2010 study, almost 88% of subjects who joined an internet weight loss community reported have being a part of a group supported their weight loss efforts by providing encouragement and motivation. What makes fat secrets stand out from other weight loss apps as it’s a professional tool, In which you can share your food exercise, and weight data with your preferred healthcare providers. The app is free to download. People can opt for a subscription for $6.99 per month or $38.99 for a year.

7Minutes Workout

10 Weight Loss App, 7Minutes Workout

The 7-minute workout is based on high-intensity circuit training which is proved to be the most efficient and great way to improve with muscular and aerobic fitness all you have to do is follow the workouts from the beginning end that are shown in the app, you have visual cues and also audio cues that guide you through the workout. 7 minutes is all you need every single day to get fit.


Thenics is a calisthenics app and it’s a professional training app. So you can start off at whatever level you are at you can start off level at 0 or level 1 level 2 and it will help you upgrade your game as you go. Starting from muscle up training strengthening your core or working on your back. This is a great app If you want to progressively go strong. This app also comes with a countdown timer and visual cues, that guide you through your workout from start to end l. If bodyweight is your thing.  Thenics is for you.


DownDog yoga app download apk
It’s Great looking like an app very simple to use easily customizable. The best part about this is that you get a unique experience with every workout with almost 30,000 different variations and 6 different kinds of settings you can really individualize your practice. They also create a new playlist for every workout so that they sound kind of matches your movement, it’s something really amazing. You should definitely try it.


freeletics app download apk
This app comes in 4 variations it comes with bodyweight, GYM, running there is also an app. Not, only does this app have a great-looking UI. It also uses a huge list of workouts that you can follow to the T, about this app is that helps you take your fitness level from where you are to where you want to be.

WW (Weight Watchers)

WW app or the formerly known as the weight watchers app. WW uses a smart point system. These smart points are comprised of calories saturated fat sugar and protein that’s what makes up for a smart point, They do offer a lot of 0 point food things like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and even on some weight watcher plans. You have zero points for oatmeal and other pasta that are nutrient-dense whole-grain pasta the WW app is all-inclusive you’re able to track all of your food you can track your sleep.


On the market today there are many helpful apps that you can use to support weight loss goals in 2021. Many of the tracking tools to monitor your weight, food intake, and exercise habits others provide guidance for making healthy choices. When grocery shopping or eating out. Additionally, many weights loss apps have components that aim to increase your motivation including community supports, points system, and tools. That document the progress you’ve made over time with so many apps and features available try the experience with a few to see which one works best for you. If you want to maintain your health just refer to the 10 Weight Loss App.

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