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Rangoli – An Indian Folk Art

Indian rangoli

Rangoli- An Indian folk art form with a long history of cultural and historical significance. It is such an integral part of Indian culture that no celebration or significant life event takes place on this land without this gorgeous and mesmerizing art form adorning the place. During festivals, Rangoli takes on a grand persona and enhances the splendor of Indian homes with its complex and stunning appearance. We’ll explore deeper into the various parts of this magnificent art as we go on.

In addition to brightening up the festival celebrations, Rangoli is also said to be a sign of good fortune. Nepal, India, and Bangladesh are the birthplaces of this art genre. Rangoli designs, also known as Alpana, are constructed on the floor with colored rice, flowers, colored sand, or paints. Rangoli art is a traditional manner of wishing someone good luck, and its popularity has remained constant over the years. Moreover, Rangoli is thought to be a mystical color distribution that is believed to bring good fortune. Symmetrical designs are also considered a symbol of prosperity, luck, and expansion among all religions around the world.

The beauty of this art lies in the fact that it is created without the use of any instruments such as a ruler, thread, or brush. The drawer’s nimble fingers move freely and artistically to create complex geometrical patterns and shapes filled with lively and vibrant colors like a competent artisan. Rangoli is usually made with a coarse powder made by pressing a shiny mineral called Shirgola.

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Different types of Rangoli

Chukki Rangoli

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

Chukki Rangoli

When it comes to south Indian rangoli designs with 21 dots, the Chukki rangoli, 21 to 11, is one of the most popular. It’s constructed by alternately drawing 11 to 21 dots in a symmetrical pattern. Then, on each corner and side, cubes can be drawn to the center, followed by a star. To make the rangoli larger and grander, multiple outlines are used. Its simple design is quite suitable for traditional home decor; however, much more complex patterns are drawn on special occasions.

In South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, Chukki Rangoli designs are very popular. There are many homes where these designs are always visible on the front door, regardless of the day. If a festival or wedding is coming up, however, it is considered auspicious to make a Chukki Rangoli design on the front door.

Here are Some Very Easy Rangoli Designs:

  1. Lord Ganesha Rangoli Design

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

Lord Ganesha Rangoli Design

The Ganesha pattern Rangoli design is probably the simplest of them and requires no effort. All you have to do is to draw the figure of Ganesha and draw large circles around him. For beginners, this is one of the best options. They’re not only easy to construct, but they also have a bright and appealing appearance.

  1. Rangoli In The Style Of A Peacock 

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

This is another easy-to-create Rangoli design that looks pleasantly elegant and delicate. You can make this peacock-shaped Rangoli at home or for any event to capture people’s hearts.

  1. Flower-Inspired Rangoli Design.

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

Flower-Inspired Rangoli Design

To build a Rangoli for Diwali, use gorgeous and aromatic flowers!! It will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but it will also bring scent to the air. It’s simple to create yet looks stunning.

Some Simple Yet Beautiful Rangoli Designs:

  1. New Rangoli Design ‘Line it up”

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

New Rangoli Design ‘Line it up”

This is a typical Kolangal design with many lines and curves. It contains a lot of intricate details and is not easy to construct. Making a line may appear simple, but it requires a great deal of hand control and balance.

  1. Rangoli Design With Star 

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

Rangoli Design With Star

This one is a terrific idea if you consider yourself a Kolam design guru. It’s delicate while being forceful. This Kolangal Rangoli design is a terrific alternative for wedding events if you prefer complex yet gorgeous patterns. The primary appeal is the star design in the middle!

  1. Rangoli Design With Peacocks 

Rangoli - An Indian Folk Art

Rangoli Design With Peacocks

This type of Kolangal Rangoli design is excellent to inspire you if you love colors and want to incorporate a Kolangal design for any special occasion like a wedding. It will boost the décor of the wedding function by a factor of 100! It is appealing, rich in colors and intricacy.

In this festival design, your doorstep with amazing and beautiful India Rangoli-We are bringing such more designs in our upcoming blogs. If you want any specific design just leave your message in the comment sections.

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