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What is migration certificate ? | How to get migration certificate online

Migration Certificate
Written by REETA SHAH

A Migration Certifcate is a document just like your bonafied certificate. You need this certificate for migratng from one state to another, for higher education. The universities or colleges will give this certificate to the students along with your mark sheets and certificates. As you know, there are different types of boards available in India. In India, we have boards like CBSE, ICSE, and the State Boards offering migrating certificates to the students. You will get this certificate from your studying state board. 

How to Get a Migration Certificate Application Form? 

The school/ universities will given migration certificate to the students on their premises. Students must visit their respective workplaces and get a certificate. But a few boards also offer the migration certificates online on their respective internet site (in pdf format). you cn download these documents without any problems. They want to be full of the specified information. After finishing the shape, college students ought to get the signature from the respective authority. 

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Process of Migration Certificate

Although, you will get this certificate in two ways like online and offline. If you want to get it from online, you must visit the online of your respective state and fill the form of migration certificate application. You need to submit your files online for verification purpose. For this you need to keep your documents with you for verification process.  

A Migration certificate is prepared in the form of pdf file. To get this certificate, you must pay the fee in online mode. The online mode of using the certificates isn’t always that lawful and consists of many hurdles to cross. 

You can also download in offline way, difficult and faster. The individual that calls ought to visit the involved college and publish a duly stuffed shape together with his signature and alertness, such as the purpose for migration. 

Keep other documents like last year mark sheet and certificates for verifying purpose. Later on, the character ought to deposit the college price counter and reap a receipt. 

You will get migration certificate to your home from Indian Postal Services.

Online Migration Certificate Download 

Follow the steps carefully to download Migration certificates online. To facilitate the supply of the applicants, the issuance of the Migrations certificates has been decentralized using the Office of the Council. 

For example, ICSE Boards is giving certificate to you by ensuring the candidature. The university heads are passing bulk forms to the ICSE board to get admission in next level.

The fee of migration certificate is like 150 Rupees. This fee is submitted to the council of board of your state.

After receiving the payment, the council will dispatch the certificate from the Council’s Kolkata workplace to the Heads of Schools, with the aid of using a Registered post. 

  • It ought to be saved secure beneath the School authority or control to offer it securely to the scholars.
  • You school or college is accountable to give this certificate for higher education in other state. For that, they will do all checks that is the proof of applicant is best. 
  • Also, it ought to be duly signed with the aid of using the School major earlier than it’s far offered to the scholars 
  • Although, A report of the hit distribution of migration certificates ought to be maintained within the faculty.

Migration Certificates Of CBSE

If you want to get migration certificate of CBSE board, you must follow these steps to get it. To do that, you should follow some rules and regulations without breaking any issues. Although, you are following the steps carefully, should proceed with guidelines. You know that migration is nothing but shifting from one region to another region Right. For this, this certificate is the proof of migration to shift from one region to another region.

Thus, it permits students fromone state to another for higher educations. Therefore, you will get admission in another state along with your documents. You all know that certificates are necessary to get admission in college/ university.

Now, you understood that, a migration certificate means just like bonafied certificate. To get admission in higher education, It is necessary to take from your colleges.

When you are moving from one state to another, a migration certificate is very important. There are some benefits of migration certificates, see below to know about them.

  • It allows college students from one state to another
  • You can go other states without any problems.
  • Migration certificate also helps you to get different loans
  • This certificated is compulsory to join in new college of different state.

These are some of the benefits of migration certificate for your higher education. Now, you understood that why it is important to go other states and study there.


A Migration Certificate online is just like Bonafide Certificate will be given to students. This certificate is very important for students who move from one state to another state. So, you should take care of this certificate while you are migrating to another state for higher education. I hope this post is helpful for you to understand migration certificates in India.

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