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List of best Chukki Rangoli of 2021

best Chukki Rangoli

The chukki rangoli is basically made of small color powder mixed in water to give it a shiny color. Chukki rangoli is a Bengali word that means an array of colorful powders. In 1973, the Indira Gandhi government passed a special act banning firecrackers in India so that time rangoli got created a lot of love. Rangoli is a well-known tradition for Indians. It is believed that this art form was brought to India from the Ancient Indus Valley civilization. It is originated during Pandava’s era.

Easy chukki rangoli is very simple and we can draw it by using chalk. It is an easy way to create an artistic and beautiful rangoli. Chalk is very cheap and easy to use it. After we draw the design, we need to keep the area where you need to decorate your beautiful home. We can create as many as raws and raws of rangoli to decorate our home. Chalk and pencil are some of the handiest tools. Without this, it’s almost impossible to make beautiful chukki rangoli. If you want to make it more special, we can use some string or thread to make it interesting.

List of Top best Chukki Rangoli of 2021

 best Chukki Rangoli

Best Chukki Rangoli

Small chukki rangoli is almost the same as simple chukki rangoli. It’s a freehand style rangoli with 3 to 7 dots. We can draw any small design between these 3 to 7 dots. It also draws with chalk or pencil. Small chukki rangoli design included sikku kolam, padi kolam, pulli kolam,  kolam rangoli,  dot rangoli, Diwali rangoli, simple rangoli, flower rangoli, simple kolam, Bali rangoli, etc.

 best Chukki Rangoli

Many doted rangoli

11 to 6 Chukki rangoli-11 to 6 Chukki rangoli is also known as chikankari, Rasoli, and pathare Prabhu rangoli is one of India’s oldest forms of decoration. Rangoli is the name given to the floor covered with patterns made of colored powders like Georgette, zardosi, jamdani, and patchwork. Rangoli patterns are quite simple but also quite pretty. Indian households create rangoli on a daily basis. Rangoli patterns are created and painted in a very artistic way using rice and dry rice paste as a white pigment. Usually, each artist according to a scale of colors used in his artwork,  use only black color.

 best Chukki Rangoli

Flower design rangoli

21 to 11 dots rangoli-21 to 11 dots rangoli designs are drawn on the floor like a porch, entrance,  backyard, courtyard, etc. Some of the best designs for 21 to 11 dots are grand kolam rangoli, dot star rangoli, symmetry rangoli, line rangoli, elephant rangoli, etc.

In grand kolam rangoli fill with white chalk or white powder. Then start drawing wheel-like designs in all colors withdrawing two big leaves and one flower on each side. In the dot star rangoli shape of a flower, cum kite can be made in other parts and finally geometric design around the center of a star. In symmetry start by drawing a flower in the center surrounded by a butterfly and then draw diamond and three-leaf shapes on each side. Line rangoli you can draw in symmetry pattern alternatively. Then cubes on each corner and side can be drawn and then star in the center. Multiple outlines can be done to make the rangoli large and grander. An elephant, design start by plotting 21 dots on the place where rangoli will be drawn then draw four elephants on each corner, and then make a spherical shape in between those elephants. Later, draw flowers and leaves to fill in spaces and end by drawing a square in the center and fill colors or shades the parts with minimal filling.

5 and 6 chukki rangoli are included in small chukki rangoli. It is used on a daily basis in India by households. It is also known as beginners rangoli because it’s very easy and simple to draw. This is also drawn with white chalk or pencil.

This is the list of very simple yet elegant designs for simple chukki rangoli. Some rangoli patterns to try on the big day like Diwali, New year, Durga pooja, Navratri, etc.

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