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How To Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit 2021? | Prega News Warnings and Precautions

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Written by REETA SHAH

Prega News is a home pregnancy kit used for a pregnancy tests. This is a simple kit to detect whether a woman have pregnancy or not. We can see this Prega News Pregnancy Test kit in all medical stores in the market. You can just go and take the kit from you nearby medical stores. This kit is used for detecting HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) levels in female fresh urine. Here, we are going to discuss something about how to use Prega News to detect pregnancy.

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How to use Prega News?

Inside the kit, there is a testing kit to detect pregnancy in females. A dropper and silica granules are also there in the kit itself. In order to use this kit just follow the below steps to confirm your pregnancy.

  • First of all, you need to collect your fresh during in the morning. Ensure the container is dry and clean to avoid any contamination.
  • Use a dropper to collect urine from the container, put three to four drops into the specimen of test strip.
  • Take care while you dropping the specimen, ensure that whether any spillage, use silica granules to wipe them off.
  • Next, kept aside for 5 minutes to get results from prega news pregnancy test.

If you see any pink color single line, it indicates that you are not Pregnant. If there are two parallel lines of pink color indicates that you are a pregnant person. If you get one line clear and the other is unclear, it indicates that you are not done perfectly. It is advisable to doctor for confirmation to get accurate results.

When To Use Prega News Pregnancy Kit?

Each packet has only one kit to use only one time. It should be used for external purposes only. It is used for only once which should be disposed of after getting the test result. You need to test your urine only in the morning to get accurate results. Therefore, you can use these to check pregnancy as soon as a female skips her periods.

How Prega News Works?

Pregnancy kits are like prega News is to detect the presence or absence of HCG level in Female urine. HCG is a hormone present in pregnant female body, HCG hormone is found in the female body that is pregnant. These kits are manufactured in such a way that to detect the smallest quantity of HCG. After impregnation, HCG is secreted in females in large quantities.

What are the Benefits of Prega News Kit?

A pregnancy Kit (Prega News) is used to detect whether the female is pregnant or not. It is a simple and non-invasive test for any woman for an early state of detection of pregnancy.

Side Effects of Prega News

There is no particular side effect for this pregnancy test kit. They are self-testing ones which is a non-invasive technique. We do testing in females by taking fresh urine in the morning time. It does not have noted side effects in female individuals.

Warnings and Precautions

  • The kit should be kept away from children as well as pets.
  • Pregnancy kits are used for only external purposes not for internal purposes.
  • The kit has only one strip for one-time use only, it must be disposed of after usage.
  • It is for self-testing only, there is a chance it might give accurate results.
  • In case if you get any doubt, you can visit gynecologist for blood test to confirm your pregnancy.
  • If you are not doing it correctly, it may give inaccurate results.
  • It is not a standard tool for detecting pregnancy.
  • Although, They may not give falsified results in regular cases. If a female has hormonal imbalances or taking any medication, then it will show falsified results.
  • However, if there is any spillover, it may not give accurate results.

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Handle carefully, while testing with a pregnancy kit, otherwise, it may give false results. Use the one strip only for one time, dispose of after getting results.

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