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How to study for long hours? Study without getting tired

How to study for longer hours
Written by Reeta Shah

Studying isn’t always invigorating, especially after long hours of study in class, and your brain feels equipped to shut down. Generally studying seems harder than Quantum Physics. In the modern world, the syllabus becomes huge even though a smart student can’t be able to complete the syllabus in 2-3 hours of consistent study per day. Consistent study or long hours of study requires effort and smart work. Try the following strategy that would help you to be a focus and to be consistent towards study for longer hours. Let’s understand some facts about how to study for long hours?

Finding a peaceful place to study is such a big deal for students, many students are likely to study in groups or at the workplace. For some students, the peaceful place in the library is essential but not for all. Students should spot a clean, clear, surface with enough space to comfortably. So, that they can hold all their study materials or accessories to study. Always ready your backup plan, study should not be Interrupted.

How to study with long hours with concentration.

  • Suitable place-When selecting a place to study, it’s important to pick a place that has the basics essentials. This helps you to elevate better posture for extension and plan an efficient study schedule. You can use a desk or chair for spinal support, and standing desk, sitting upright has been shown to increase focus and energy, as well as enhance overall mood. However, sitting in a constant position not doing anything can make your brain more predisposed to feelings of hopelessness.
  • Environments for remote learning and work with no access to coffee shops and libraries-Find a space at home that you can make your own studying room. Clear away the mess up and make sure all your most-used materials and accessories are organized and clean. 
  • Peaceful place-Avoid noisy roommates or construction sites. Try listening to study or meditation music with a headphone. a noise-canceling system that works really well if they are available to you.

When it comes to studies and how to be concentrated towards studies? 

It’s important to make a daily routine to help you find your flow and focus. A noiseless place is a good way to start your studies. Some of these are like clearing your desk, closing your smartphone, and setting an alarm to analyze study timing.

Taking five minutes to set up your workspace will not only push you to study and to increase your focus but also assist you to train your brain to transform into a state of focus more deeply. With the space around you observing distractions, your mind is free to focus on what is most important.

Start your mornings with a walk or just going outdoors for some fresh air and a glass of water. Anything which helps you to help get your blood pumping and to let out energy. You can make your morning more enjoyable by adding activities you enjoy such as blogging, listening to songs, dancing, lighting a candle, yoga, and workouts.

How to study long hours without getting bored?

When you are studying for a competitive exam. It’s easy to get horrendous because of the huge amount of information to learn. The anxiety associated with studying is a consequence of poor study planning that leads to stressful cramming the night before the examination. 

  • Researchers have shown that dividing your study periods into multiple tasks, free time sessions genuinely improve focus and consistency over time. Although cramming could work well for the exam the next day, the knowledge or notes is a lot more likely to be forgotten immediately after a few hours or days. 
  • It’s also a lot easier to balance focus for initial 60 minutes at a time, rather than for 4 hours cramming notes.

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is useful for your study periods. It’s simple to select one task to work on, you can set an alarm or use a stopwatch, set an alarm timing, work until it rings, and then take a break for 2-5 minutes, listen to songs, podcasts, gaming, for 5 minutes as per your study planning.

You can set the timing of what time period works best for you.

  • The Pomodoro Technique requires you to work for 30 minutes on a specific task, uninterrupted. Once the alarm or stopwatch rings, take a 2-5 minute break. Then, complete the cycle five more times before taking a 30-35 minute break. This helps you to prevent burnout and keeps you focused and motivated thought-out your study session.
  • You can also use a study management app and a to-do list that allows you to simplify your goals, work, and projects into actionable lists. One of the coolest features is its ability to make your daily to-do list for you with its intelligent scheduling. For example, if you have to complete an assignment every week on Friday. You can schedule a task or reminder such as Friday Assignment every Thursday. With the application, you can easily break down projects into manageable tasks, sharing and collaborating on lists of work with others, and you can visualize your progress and productivity. 
  • Schooltraq is an online planner for students. You can plan all your work and assignments and access them wherever you need. an online management tool for homework and project management. The application provides you a visual breakdown of huge assignments into short tasks that can be done per day. Organize your tasks into categories, assign due dates and viewers and visualize your progress as per your work.


Your focus should be on the efficiency of study time and not just on increasing your work time. You can grind for hours and still couldn’t be able to acknowledge anything. Studying for long hours will be rendered useless if you do not manage to complete your portions. Keep dragging with the same chapter continuously. You can avoid this by sectioning it up and being a bit more organized. Read it first, then learn it, then write it down and Identify your mistakes. We tend to remember our mistakes so always make a list of your mistakes and work on those more.

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