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Written by Reeta Shah

Best time to visit Goa: The throbbing beaches, banks, and the magnificent outlook of the many tourists in Goa make you feel like something magical is always about to happen. Goa is in a constant state of entertainment. A tropical spot where night and day merge into an unending day of relaxation and mindfulness. However, Goa is also about wandering away from the restless public and enjoyment, you can use food cafes to spend your time with yourself or a loved one.

It is about stealing away moments and runaway from the chatter of the many people around you. If you are looking for some peace and serenity Place. We advise you to head to the Southern part of Goa and the north in case you wish to explore Goa’s much or nightlife.

The best time to visit Goa 

The genial weather calls for an excess of activities and festivals, attracting tourists from all over the globe. The time you’re going to spend here is the most suitable time for you to travel outdoors and familiarize yourself with the natural surroundings. Goa has many shades of seasons. Which shade you want to witness, is depends on you. Goa is famous all over the world for its seasonal changes.

Winter season in Goa 

Gallivant around Goa in the cold season and you will sense celebrations in the atmosphere. Many churches of Goa look ever so mesmerizing and beautiful, illuminated with pristine multi-color lights in the night as the sound of music echoes from their walls announcing the arrival of Christmas. Not just Christmas, Goa also has festivals that are central to its culture and traditional significance. One of the main highlights of the winter season is the Goa Carnival held in the month of mid-February. This festive season just has one law, leave your worries at home and get ready to feast on amazing dance, food, music, and have a lot of fun. Not just any other festival, musical group parade held in the capital. It is also a traditional practice to take the party to the local streets.

Summer season in Goa 

The summer season is all about lit up and crowded streets with people, watching fellow tourists or locals people in scooters and dancing the night away with your loved ones. Goa being a hot weathered place and a state with strong sun rays, June and July time of the year grants some relaxation so-called the land of good hope. Do not disappoint the traveler in you as you enjoy the thrill of water sports at Agonda Beach.

The combination of the high temperatures and high moisture makes it an uncomfortable season to spend time in Goa. However, if you’re looking to experience Goa at affordable prices, this could be the best time to go to Goa. Though the mornings and late nights can be bearable, the day temperatures often reach 52°C on some hot days. Though the water is cool enough for swimming, the beach itself may get too hot for comfort.

Summer is the peak season, ensure that your tickets are booked well in advance. Plan your activities and itinerary according to the climatic conditions. Make sure to include both warm and cool clothes as well as sunscreen and some glasses.

Goa In (November, December, January, And February)

Goa In (November, December, January, And February)

The winter season of Goa is packed with parties, festivals, and cultural events. Indulge the tourists with one of the best parties. Though the overall average temperature in winter months stays between 20°C to 35°C, the sea breeze geographically cools down everything during the day.

In Goa, parties continue till late at night, often indulge the next day. The nights and early mornings could get sometimes cold. It is a good idea to layer up against the cold weather so that you can sustain your body according to the weather conditions.

This is also the season of carnivals, fairs, and parades when Goa takes to the streets in its colorful finest. Always take clear information about regional hotel rates and other accommodation can be higher than usual. You will also face the crowded public at many of the tourist attractions. Always travel with a backup plan.

Most of the tourist locations are closed or get open for short periods during the day. Do not even think of traveling out during the afternoon. But if you do, make sure you are suitably covered, wearing a cap, and protected with a strong sunscreen lotion. Carry water and sip at continuous intervals as per need.

The Goa in the summer season is unbound of the peak-season crowds. You might have the entire beach and there will be no long waits to get a table at the best hotels. If you’re ready to tackle the heat, summer would be the best season to visit Goa.

Goa During Monsoon 

Monsoon is a fascinating time to venture into Goa. The summer heat is finally eradicating, and the heavy rainfall washes away the dust and moist particles of the heat months till the heat is only a distant memory. After the heat of the summer months, the smell of the first rains is a mesmerizing experience. It can seldom be matched by anything else.

The goa experience greenery all around on rainfall days. this is the best time to go to Goa if you want to interact with nature. But if you’re looking for a fascinating Goa experience, this is not the time. Most of the beaches and water sports activities are closed due to the rough seas and very few beach spots stay open. Swimming and traveling out into the seawater are strictly not allowed during rainfall. 


Goa is such a beautiful place to visit, the place experiences seasonal changes according to weather and climate. Goa is the place to experience a beach spot, many churches and temples give a deep sense of religious satisfaction. The places are quite crowded at peak season and tourist needs to find a specific place in which can enjoy and for entertainment.

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